the kids call me hoju

i'm sorry i'm like 93% a one direction blog now

blue. 23. australia.
i hate the general public.
i'm obsessed with twins.

current life ruiner: harry styles' nipples


{ wear }

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I spent 14 hours at Disneyland today šŸ™ˆšŸ’•āœØ (at Disneyland Paris)

Ghettoooo šŸ‘½ (at Eiffel Tower)

Vampire Weekend were everything I’d ever hoped for and Ezra wore a track suit the entire set ā˜ļøā˜”ļø#leedsfestival

I quit


xĀ x

Day 1 āœŒļøā›…ļø (it’s currently day 2 but you can’t actually get service in the festival so we’re at Tesco’s) #leedsfestival (at Bramham Park)

Alright, Gambino is a mastermind šŸ™Œ (at O2 Academy Brixton)

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